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The STOP project background, aims & innovation

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“Studies suggest that a significant minority of children in Europe, between 10 % and 20 %, are sexually assaulted during their childhood. This phenomenon is not decreasing, and certain forms of sexual violence are becoming a matter of growing concern. Fighting these crimes is very difficult. Children are vulnerable, and often ashamed and afraid to report any incidents. The Internet makes it easier to “groom” children (solicit children online for sexual purposes) or to produce and distribute child pornography” (EU Commission, Child Sexual Abuse, 2016).


The project aims to decrease sexual abuse and exploitation of young people (9-18 years old). For achieving its goal, STOP will create an innovative learning methodology regarding sexual abuse prevention. In particular, the project will provide new approaches and tools to youth workers in order to create innovative training programs on the topic of sexual abuse. The project will develop an AR game that youth workers can use for teaching children how to respond to suspected abuse and fight child adverse experiences, both online and offline.


The project will come up with the following tangible results:

- A training plan that will defined the desired learning outcomes

- A learning material and an augmented reality game

- Guidelines for the application of stop model